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Snitch in Hutaree militia case got $31K

DETROIT — An undercover informant was paid about $31,000 in cash for his critical role in an investigation that led to charges against members of a Midwest militia accused of plotting rebellion against the U.S., an FBI agent testified Tuesday.

Agent Leslie Larsen was the first witness at the weeks-long trial of seven members of a southern Michigan militia called Hutaree. She answered a series of friendly questions from a federal prosecutor, mostly describing the timeline of the 2008-10 investigation and certain milestones in the case.
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  1. sweetmeadows says:

    I cannot access the tag to finish the article. It won’t come up. I would love to finish it as it looks very intriguing.

  2. RadioLady says:

    I am sorry. For some reason it won’t work if you click on it, you will have to cut and paste it to your browser. I am sorry. I have a learning curve on managing this blog. But I am learning! – Pam