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Dooms Day, Heirloom Seeds & What I’ve Been Up to Lately

By Pam Stegner

Because of what is happening in our world, from the riots around the Globe (the US is usually five years behind Europe), rumors of war, to the dire situation with our U.S. economy and the expected fuel hikes, I have been working on finding good freeze dried food and heirloom seeds.  We are seeing an upswing in the Militia movement again, preparedness minded people (National Geo’s Doomsday Preppers) everywhere are taking preparedness more seriously and it isn’t just a response to the Mayan Calendar running out this year either.  And just wait until the fuel prices go up over $4.00 a gallon!

Americans are beginning to get the idea that our situation isn’t going to be easy.  The economy has and continues to put a serious bite into the average American’s spending power. It is for this reason, even through I have not been broadcasting for a while, that I have felt motivated to stay in preparedness and not take this opportunity to retire and drift into the sunset.  Having two major foot surgeries, requiring me to learn to walk twice in a year and taking care of my parents aging issues has most definitly given me pause to consider the direction of my life.  But when you get right down to it, more than ever the work of my many years in radio has been about exactly what is so needed now.  How can I retire?  Food, along with the ability to produce ones own food, is basic to sustaining life.  For way too long the basics of our life have been handed over the huge growers, like Monsanto and the big food brokers, who could care less about our health and are so big they will never be able to supply us in just about any event (consider the tornado at Joplin, MO) much less a more serious event like an EMP exploded over the the center of America.  Only by producing our own food like our grandparents did, will we ultimately provide for ourselves.  It is the ultimate resistance to tyranny to produce ones own food, then you won’t be standing in some food line hoping for a handout only to find there is nothing left when you get there.  Don’t believe me, just talk to a few Russians, they will tell you what is like to stand in a line for hours for just a loaf of bread, then another line for a potato or to be told it is all gone and to come back tomorrow.

If you are into freedom and don’t intend to die on your knees learn to provide for you own now while you still can!  Learn to grow a garden, even if you live an apartment you can learn to container garden.  I have a friend who insists she kills everything she ever grew but she tried container gardening in kitty litter boxes and grew her own salad garden!  Food grown in your own garden tastes so much better and there is nothing like a wonderful homegrown garden tomato!  So whether it’s a time of unemployment, natural or man-made disaster it just makes good sense to have food on hand and the ability to grow your own.

Check out the new Heirloom Seeds in the Preparedness Now online Store.  In the near future we will also be adding a really good line of freeze dried food from Wise Foods and a specialty line of fruits and vegetables from Lindon Farms.  I chose Wise Foods due to the fact that they have real meat for protein and the flavor is superb.  Wise Foods is just as good, if not better, than Mountain House and is cheaper!  I have personally been trying the food and it is awesome.  We have been giving away samples at the Kansas City Gun Show and a favorite is the Beef Stroganoff and Lasagna. And it is so easy to fix, just add boiling water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  For right now we have all been having the flu and we haven’t gotten the Freeze Dried Foods up in the store yet  but we are working on it.

Back to the Heirloom seeds… If you want to grow more self-sufficiently and provide more for less, this is a great and affordable way to garden and be prepared ahead at the same time!  Many of these seeds are grown in Missouri.  These are all natural, open-pollinated and non-GMO seeds.  In other words our seeds are good for you, will reproduce themselves and provide you with the way to not to be under the thumb of the nanny state.

Our Heirloom seed kits have been especially custom packaged for Preparedness Now, by our supplier, White Harvest Seed Company (a local Missouri seed farmer).  These kits have been designed so families can actually sustain themselves from their garden.  And the real beauty of heirloom seeds are that they are self-sustaining seeds – they will reproduce themselves, whereas hybrid seeds will either not reproduce at all or over about five years fail to yield.

Each of our kits includes a fertilizer packet, a Garden Basics Handbook and recipe card to help with your green thumb.

If you are in the Kansas City area, come by the Gun Show this weekend and stop by the Preparedness Now booth for a taste of some excellent freeze dried food (if you come early we will be doing breakfast samples) and we are taking drop ship orders on heirloom seeds.  The seeds ship very quickly in 1-2 days after we turn in our order.

The Gun Show is north of downtown Kansas City near the airport at 11730 N. Ambassador Dr.  This  Saturday 8-5, &  Sunday 9-3.


2 Responses to “Dooms Day, Heirloom Seeds & What I’ve Been Up to Lately”

  1. sweetmeadows says:

    Pam, I’m so glad we’ll be hearing more from you. Your seeds look wonderful and right on time! You are truly a blessing and I think I can speek for many that we are soooo glad you have NOT retired.

  2. Pam says:

    Thank you! You are so kind! Even though retiring is tempting, what would I retire too? I don’t think if I went to an 8-5 job that it is much security. I hope to be back on the radio in the not too distant future. I’ve just got to get a couple of computers fixed, that are my broadcasting computer and then I’ll be ready to go.
    By the way, you have been a shinning example along the way! Having a healthfood store in this day and age is truly a challenge. Any small business owner is in a life and death stuggle. I am glad you are still there. I love your health food store. People should visit Sweet Meadows in face book and more importantly shop in your store, Sweet Meadows, at Raymore, MO.

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