Teaching you how to be prepared for natural and manmade events!

PRE·PAR'ED·NESS:  A 1590 noun meaning: 1: the quality or state of being prepared; 2: especially, a state of adequate preparation in case of war. (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary 2001)

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Information is power and the truth does indeed set us free. Many Americans are comfortably asleep whether in their church pews or in front of the TV. Preparedness Now is a wake up call to become a doer and not just hearer of the word. For us all to be ready and able to stand in a day of disaster.

Preparedness Now brings ahead-of-the-curve insights.  September 11th changed everything.  Weapons of mass destruction have become a reality in America.  Yet it is wise to be prepared for any disaster. Our modern world faces both natural and man made disasters of such magnitude that will change the fabric of our society.  

Are you prepared for a day of disaster? What will you do without electricity? What happens if your grocery store is closed? What will happen if the city water is contaminated? Would you be ready if you were in the wilderness and your child had a severe bleeding injury? Are you ready and equipped to provide shelter, water, food and first aid should your life and those you love depended upon it? Are you ready to defend what you have? And do you have a network of trusted friends to sustain yourself through a prolonged period of turmoil?

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